Architects and Interior Designers
Principal Architect
B.Arch.College of Engg.

UTTAM KUMAR being a professional and creative has a combined passion and persistence in space planning and creativity. He has been in architectural field for the last one and a half decade. He has personally looked after many huge and prestigious projects across India, especially Mumbai and neighbouring areas. Streamlining the internal systems and process, he has set a clear cut road map for future growth and expansion in order to transform the organisation into a leading corporate in architecture. He is a visionary and a perfectionist. He believes in detailing spaces, circulation which gives comfort, joy and peace of mind at the same time fulfils the clients’ requirements. He believes in minimalism.

Our Mission

Build to live in- Our vision is to provide quality living be it residential, commercial or any space and relentless efforts to improve the living standards.

SHILPI SINGH—A very talented, cheerful with lots of passion, managerial attitude and dedication towards the goal is a great force to run an organization which are imbibed in her. Because the human nature is not like machines which when programmed will keep on working ; it needs an energy to overcome all kinds of situations which we come across many times, hence such people are great assets to the company.

Managing Director

Mr.Purushottam Kumar—A personality with an eye of vision in all directions, he puts forward his thoughts and always welcomes critics which are in the benefits of the projects and the company. He has an inquisitive nature, the job of governing others involves enormous amount of information, he has the quality to find the root cause of a problem, with his good communication skills he stands out in a crowd.

Mr.Priyaranjan Kumar—A man with an innovative idea who is always looking for something unique in nature, he is collaborative and passionate about the works, he believes in team efforts .He is always attuned to fellow directors, always listens to an issue, speaks which motivates people and colleague to perform better. He is never a dominating character but his decisions speak for him.

Design Philosophy and the Need of Time

Save earth for future generation-The population is growing continuously every second, we have constant earth size, and how are our future generation going to survive? Either we make high-rise now or later, we have to make it finally, so why not now? Why not make better infrastructure now? Why not go for vertical expansion now rather than going later.....the things will go worse day by day......we wouldn’t have space for trees, crops …just buildings spread all over the world.......this is the time we should think about it .....the requirement of time is more FSI ...the more FSI, the more High rise we have, the more open space we create ,the better infra- the less traffic , better drainage system and so on come in place. To make the city liveable and lovable, more planning and re-planning required and this can actually be achieved phase wise. Hope this message propagates well into everyone’s mind….this change of thought can give a drastic change in living standard to our society.